About Seth

Excerpt From Seth's Autobiography "I Blame You".
"Kindergarten.  Those were the days. You sing a song, have a snack, and take a nap. Those halcyon days of finger painting and macaroni art instilled in me a pattern of restless distraction that, coupled with an undiagnosed case of dyslexia, culminated in a brief form letter from the University of Kentucky asking me to leave and never return.

"So I left. I don't hang around where I'm not wanted.  What do you think, I'm some kinda jerk?

"I completed my education at the University of Blue Collar, sitting on an assembly line for eight hours a day contemplating my ever-expanding navel.

"After ten years of this, the company for which I worked offered to pay me a considerable sum of money to quit. And though all employees received the same offer, I couldn’t help noticing a pattern developing. At least I was getting paid to leave this time, though a brief form letter was involved demanding I never seek employment with the company again.

"So I left. But I did return to the company some time later, working for a small team of contractors dismantling the conveyor lines for shipment to Mexico. Boys and girls, if they’re trying to pay you to go, you’d better go.

"I spent the next few years working a variety of jobs: plumber, contract labor, electrician working in Biloxi and Gulfport after Hurricane Katrina. Each of these jobs, at some point, required ditch digging.  And all of my parsimonious employers wanted this done by hand, with shovels.
"I've had a long and well-worn feud with shovels, and a general dislike of rakes and hoes.  A wise man once said "Some people live and learn.  Others just live."  I though I'd take a stab at this learning option and try to find a more creative career.
So here we are, and I’m calling myself a writer, as every unemployed pseudo-intellectual eventually must.  Sure, the rejection, self-doubt, and meager pay can be frustrating, but I've been an avid reader all my life, and I enjoy the work  And it sure beats digging ditches."
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